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Greetings from the Mayor

A greeting for navigators and visitors to this website where, through the use of new technologies, a small town like Daya Vieja is allowed to open up to the world and make this town known, its culture, traditions and environment.

I want to welcome all Internet users and invite you to visit Daya Vieja, not only virtually – given the possibilities offered by the network -, but you know our municipality by personally approaching and touring its streets and squares, getting to know its people and, of course , enjoy our traditional cuisine and pastries, unique in the region.

Daya Vieja has several centuries of history, located on fertile land; they have passed through various civilizations that settled on the banks of the Segura River. All this has left its mark on the character of the Dayavejenses, who are hospitable, hardworking and live intensely enjoying their town, their festivals and traditions, which distinguishes them from the rest of the Vega Baja region.

As President of the Municipal Corporation, I want to show you my commitment and that of all the members of this City Council, to continue betting on new technologies and thus contribute to improve citizen services and prepare local administration for the challenges and needs that we have a very immediate future.

I hope you enjoy this instrument of modernity that our municipality wants to offer to the world and, of course, we await you with open arms in this small corner of the Province of Alicante.

Thanks for your visit!

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