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Daya Vieja, where nobody is strange

The origins of Daya Vieja are very remote, proof of this are the funerary remains of Greco-Roman origin that were recently found very close to the town. However, the documentation that we know about our town until now goes back to the time of the Arab domination where Daya Vieja was an Alquería moris

The environment

Daya Vieja is located in the fluvial plain of Bajo Segura, 42 km from the Capital of the Province and only 8 km from the coast.

It is a privileged municipality for its communications (A-37, CV-910) and surrounded by the most autochthonous garden of Segura.

The tradition

Since the early twentieth century, its population has not increased so it has a deeply rooted culture and tradition.

The Sport

Traditional sports are popular among the population: petanque, football, tennis, horse riding, and, above all, horse riding and walks through the garden.

The practice of golf has become a regular sport due to the proximity of various golf courses.

You also begin to enjoy swimming in the recently inaugurated municipal swimming pool.


The whole tradition of popular culture is reflected in the popular festivities that are held from September 1 to 8 in honor of the Virgin of Monserrate.

Also on May 15 is celebrated the pilgrimage of San Isidro.

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