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Rice With Rabbit


1 kg of rabbit.
2 tender artichokes.
1 small pot of mushrooms.
1 medium onion
2 ripe tomatoes
1 large red pepper
½ glass of olive oil.
1 small garlic head
A few strands of dry saffron.
400 g of rice


– Put the paella or clay casserole with the oil on a high heat. Put the head of garlic and the pepper strips until fried, and reserve, leaving the head of garlic in the oil without burning. Chop the onion and brown it, adding the cut rabbit to medium pieces previously seasoned with salt. In a pot boil the artichokes with water and salt for 4 or 5 minutes. Before this we will have cleaned them of the hard leaves and the tips and we will have cut them into pieces.

– When the rabbit begins to brown, add the grated tomatoes, mushrooms and artichokes; When the tomato begins to be thick, add half a liter of meat broth or hot water and let it simmer until the rabbit is sufficiently cooked and the broth is almost completely gone.

– Half an hour before serving, remove the garlic head and put the rice, together with broth or hot water (always double volume of liquid that of rice), the paella being on fire; add the saffron and two or three cloves of the garlic, chopped in the mortar dissolved in a little broth and adding salt if we see that the paella stew needs it.

– Cook on high heat the first 15 minutes and place the pepper strips on top, continuing cooking for another five minutes on a softer heat.